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Acne is Curable


Acne is inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Androgens cause excessive production of sebum. Sebaceous glands become blocked to manifest as blackheads and whiteheads because sebaceous duct get clogged and keratinised.The bacteria in the sebum produce lipases with the resultant free fatty acids, thus provoking infl ammation.

Infantile Acne occurs during the first few months of life mainly on face. It affects mainly boys and is a self limiting minor problem. A few doses of properly selected homoeopathic medicine will not only cure the problem but will be prophylactic to Adolescent Acne problem.

Adolescent Acne is the most common type which occurs at puberty between the ages of 13-19 years. remember that it is not dietry or infectious disorder. It is not caused by oily hair or the hair touching forehead. Has no relation to masturbation. It is curable in homoeopathy without leaving ugly scars on the skin.

Homoeopathic remedies for Acne

1 agar, 1 ambr, 2 ant-c, 1 ant-s, 1 ant-t, 1 anthr, 2 ars, 1 ars-br, 2 ars-i, 1 ars-s-f, 1 ars-s-r, 1 asim, 1 aster, 3 AUR, 1 aur-m, 1 aur-s, 1 bar-c, 1 bar-s, 2 bell, 1 bell-p, 1 berb-a, 1 bov, 2 calc, 1 calc-p, 3 CALC-S, 3 CALC-SIL, 1 carb-ac, 3 CARB-AN, 3 CARBN-S, 3 CARB-V, 1 carc, 3 CAUST, 1 chel, 1 cic, 1 cimic, 1 clem, 1 cob, 2 con, 2 cop, 2 crot-h, 1 croto-t, 3 DULC, 1 echi, 2 eug, 3 FL-AC, 1 glon, 1 gran, 1 graph, 3 HEP, 1 hydrc, 1 ind, 1 iod, 1 jug-c, 1 jug-r, 1 kali-ar, 1 kali-bi, 3 KALI-BR, 1 kali-c, 1 kali-i, 1 kali-m, 2 kreos, 2 lach, 1 led, 1 lyc, 1 mag-c, 1 mag-m, 1 med, 1 merc, 1 morg, 1 mur-ac, 1 nat-c, 2 nat-m, 1 nat-p, 2 nit-ac, 3 NUX-V, 1 olnd, 2 ph-ac, 3 PHOS, 1 prot, 2 psor, 2 puls, 1 rad-br, 3 RHOD, 1 rhus-t, 1 rob, 1 sabin, 1 sang, 1 sanic, 3 SARS, 1 sel, 3 SEP, 3 SIL, 1 staph, 2 sulph, 1 sul-i, 1 sumb, 3 SYPH, 3 TEUCR, 2 thuj, 2 tub, 1 uran-n, 3 ZINC

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acne is a disease primarily related to the Pathogenic effect of Heat and Damp Heat on the meridians, and Zang, Fu organs. This Heat may be a product of defectivbe nutrition, anxiety, overwork, a congenital condition, or the natural ascendance of Yang energy, which is typical in adolescence.

Heat may affect the Lung or Stomach Meridians, from where it is transmitted to the skin of the face and chest, causing the condition's inflammatory response. If the Heat tries to escape from the Tai Yang channel, acne occurs on the back. Heat usually is exacerbated in the Lung Meridian by the External Wind Pathogen, which causes skin redness. In the Stomach Meridian, it can be aggravated by a diet of greasy and spicy foods, which weakens and creates more Damp Heat in the Spleen Zang and the Stomach Fu.

Heat can affect the Lung or Stomach Meridians, from where it is transmitted to the skin of the face and chest, causing acne. Heat usually is increased in the Lung Meridian by the External pathogenic wind, which causes redness of skin. In the Stomach Meridian, it can be aggravated by greasy and spicy foods, which weakens and creates more Damp Heat in the Spleen and the Stomach.

Lung Heat and Stomach Heat are the most common forms of acne. If Dampness is present, the skin will be greasy. Inflammation and bleeding signify toxicity. Wind and Dampness cause itchiness. The most common form of itchiness in acne is from Wind that arises from Heat.

  • Lung Heat: Symptoms include acne with a predominance of lesions on the forehead and near the nose. There may be slight itching as well. In cases with a rapid onset of new lesions, the patient may complain of chills or sensitivity to Wind. The patient may have an aversion to heat and feel thirsty. The tongue is generally red with a thin yellow coat, and the pulse may be rapid and floating.
  • Stomach Heat: Symptoms include acne with a predominance of lesions around the mouth and on the chest, shoulders, and back. The patient may have an aversion to heat; have a large appetite and thirst; and prefer oily, spicy foods. There may be a tendency to pass dry stools as well. The tongue is usually red with a thick yellow coating, and the pulse is rapid and forceful.
  • Toxic Heat: Symptoms include severe acne, strongly inflamed with pus-filled nodules and much reddening of the skin around the lesions. The patient may have an aversion to heat as well and may complain of malaise. The tongue is generally red with a dry yellow coating, and the pulse is rapid.
  • Damp Heat: Symptoms include acne composed of deep, pus-filled, inflamed nodules. The skin usually is oily, and the patient may have an aversion to heat. He or she may be thirsty but have no desire to take fluids. The tongue generally is red or crimson, with a greasy or sticky coating. The pulse is rapid and may have slippery or wiry qualities as well.
  • Blood Heat: Symptoms include acne that is accompanied by a flushed face and strong aversion to heat. The patient may complain of thirst, dark urine, and dry stools. The tongue usually is red (with a redder tip) and has a yellow coating, or may be crimson in color. The pulse usually is rapid and thin.

Acupuncture Points

  • Lu 7 or Lu 5 or Lu 3 -- Lu5 can be bled with three edged needle.
  • St 36 ; Sp 6 ; Li 11 -- Tonification points
  • Du 14 ; Sp 10; Liv 2 or Liv 3 -- Anti Allergic points
  • Li 4 -- Distal poin for front of head and neck.
  • GB 20 ; UB 57 ; K 11 -- additional points.
  • Ear points -- Lung ; Subcortex ; Shenmen.

Magnet Therapy

High power magnets under palms. Rub north pole of suitable magnet. Take magnetised water - north pole.

Colour Therapy

Massage blue oil.

Food Recommended

Cucumber ; watermelon ; wintermelon ; Carrots ; Cabbage ; Fresh fruit.

Food to be Avoided

Fried food ; Fatty food ; Spicy food ; Oily food ; coffee ; Alcohol ; Sugar ; smoking ; Stress ; Constipation


Alternate hot and cold compresses to the affected area. Do this three times in succession always ending with the cold. Repeat several times during the day.




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