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Obesity Affects From
Health To Relationship


Obesity and overweight are the most common pathological conditions in our society and are caused by an accumulation of adipose tissue. It is not the extra weight per se that causes problems but excess fat. The calculation of the BMI gives a better estimate of adiposity and it is convenient and preferable to use this index when assessing the overweight and obese. However, recent data suggest that the distribution of body fat is as important a risk factor as its total amount. Abdominal fat (upper body segment obesity, or ‘apple’ obesity) is considered a greater health hazard than fat in the thighs and buttocks (lower body segment obesity, or ‘pear’ obesity). Obese patients with high waist–hip ratios (>1.0 in men and >0.9 in women) have a significantly greater risk of diabetes mellitus, stroke, coronary artery disease and early death than equally obese people with lower waist–hip ratios.

The consequences of obesity include:
— increased mortality (stroke, ischaemic heart disease, etc.)
— hypertension
— varicose veins
— dyslipidaemia
— type 2 diabetes
— insulin resistance
— hyperuricaemia/gout
— infertility
— osteoarthritis
— obstructive sleep apnoea
— restrictive pulmonary disease
— spinal dysfunction
— low back pain
other: — hiatus hernia
— gall bladder disease
— fatty liver
— cancer (various)
— kidney disease (check microalbuminuria)
— excessive daytime sleepiness
— erectile dysfunction
— psychological problems/depression
Treatment is based on four major interventions, the choice of which depends on the degree of obesity, the associated health problems and the health risk posed:
1 reduction in energy intake
2 change in diet composition
3 increased physical activity
4 behavioural therapy
Most successful programs involve a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss, embracing the four major interventions. The first goal should be no further weight gain. Emphasis must be on maintenance of weight loss. Behaviour modification is important and the most valuable strategy is to emphasise planning and record keeping with a continuous weekly diary of menus, exercise and actual behaviour. Social support is essential for a successful weight  loss program. A better result is likely if close family members, especially the chief cook, are involved in the program, preferably striving for the same goals.
Acupuncture and constitutional homeopathic remedies will help to achieve the target easily and effectively.

Homeopathic Remedies for Obesity

2 acon, 1 adon, 1 agar, 1 ail, 1 alco, 1 all-s, 1 alum, 2 am-br, 2 am-c, 2 am-m, 1 ambr, 2 ang, 2 ant-c, 1 ant-t, 2 apis, 1 aq-mar, 1 aran-ix, 1 arist-cl, 1 arn, 2 ars, 2 asaf, 2 aur, 1 bac, 1 bad, 1 bar-c, 2 bell, 1 blatta, 1 bor, 1 brom, 1 bry, 1 bufo, 1 calad, 3 CALC, 1 calc-acet, 2 calc-ar, 1 calc-caust, 2 calo, 1 camph, 1 canth, 3 CAPS, 1 carb-v, 1 carc, 1 carl, 1 caust, 1 cham, 1 chin, 1 cic, 1 cimic, 1 cina, 1 clem, 2 coc-c, 1 coca, 1 cocc, 1 coloc, 1 con, 1 cortiso, 2 croc, 2 cupr, 1 cyna, 1 dig, 2 elaps, 1 euph, 1 euphr, 3 FERR, 1 ferr-i, 1 fl-ac, 1 foll, 2 fuc, 3 GRAPH, 1 guai, 1 hell, 2 hura, 2 hyos, 1 ign, 1 iod, 1 ip, 2 kali-bi, 1 kali-br, 2 kali-c, 2 lac-d, 1 lach, 1 lap-a, 1 laur, 1 lith-c, 1 lob, 2 lyc, 1 lycpr, 1 lycps, 1 mag-c, 1 mag-p, 1 mang, 1 med, 1 merc, 1 merc-d, 1 mur-ac, 1 nat-ar, 1 nat-c, 2 nat-m, 1 nux-m, 1 nux-v, 1 olnd, 1 op, 1 ozone, 1 phase, 2 phos, 3 PHYT, 2 pitu-a, 1 plat, 1 plb, 2 puls, 1 rauw, 1 rheum, 1 rhus-t, 1 rumx, 1 sabad, 1 sabal, 1 sac-alb, 1 sars, 1 sec, 1 sel, 1 seneg, 1 sep, 1 sil, 1 spig, 1 spong, 1 stram, 1 stront-c, 1 stroph, 2 sulph, 1 syc-co, 1 thuj, 2 thyr, 1 thyreotr, 1 tus-f, 1 valer, 1 verat, 1 viol-o

Acupuncture Points

  • Sedate Yin only
  • Support the functional Qi (no moxa – but use back-Shu points)
  • Luo-connecting point of Yang organ
  • Local cupping therapy
  • Where the heat is severe, some Blood may be let

Magnet Therapy

South Pole

Colour Therapy

Orange Color




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Our Quadcore Diagnostic System consists of

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* Computerized Repertory Analysis

Over 500 parameters are checked by our Quantum Analyzer coupled with Meridian Analysis gives confirmatory results of the root cause of the disease. Pathology alone is only the manifestation of disease in the weaker areas of tissues and organs but it is not the true picture of the disease. Visit Our YouTube channel for videos about meridian Analysis and Quantum Analysis.

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Alternative & CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is the holistic approach to Healthcare Solutions for all Acute & Chronic Diseases. Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi is the pioneer physician in Pakistan to introduce the Alternative and CAM therapies. He has the honour to be the First Acupuncture Teacher in Pakistan.


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