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Complete Health CheckUp
QuadCore Testing System

Now HashmiClinic Present Alternative Non invasive very cost effective complete Body checkup for any Presenting or future coming health problem. Our Testing System is Qualitative Alternative Technique to perform more than 300 tests which reflect the Health condition of the individual. We call it Quadcore Diaagnostic And Testing System

Meridian Analysis

There are energy pathways on the body called channels. Energy level across the channels can be measured by computerized system and gives the overall energy status of the body, systems, organs, tissues or energy status even at cellular level. Through Acupuncture therapy the energy balance is retored at all levels and health gets restored.

Quantum Analysis

This is the qualitative measurement of all the parameters of the body and can check 40 systems of the body and is able to perform more than 500 tests. This gives an overall disease picture of the body. This is non invasive testing system without any prick or taking blood. A probe is held in the hand and the computerized system looks after the rest of the things. You are sick or healthy, you must get this test done to check your overall health status at a very low cost.

Energy Field Analysis And Treatment

This is the latest Russian technology in which the body aura can be recorded and then tests the cellular integrity and health. Each and every cell of the body knows about the function and status of each and every other cell. If this communication integrity among the one trillion cells of the body is disturbed, cells become sick and diseased. Our computerized testing system can check the cellular integrity and health status upto DNA level. When diagnosis is done at energy level, then frequency treatment can be given by reversing the disease wave pattern. This treatment needs no medicine at all. Even if you are taking your Allopathic, homeopathic or unani medicine, the system can evaluate whether that medicine is suitable for you or not.

Iridology (Iris Diagnosis)

Iris diagnosis is a useful method of assessment that offers the potential to expand the physician's understanding of a patients overall state of health and vitality, and of the aetiology of disease processes. As it becomes refined by research around the world (mostly in Germany at present), its accuracy in predicting organ disease already quite remarkable, continues to improve. Iris diagnosis offers a useful and quick screening method that may alert the physician to underlying problems as an aid to the holistic physician in nutritional counseling. Iris of both eyes are photographed by Special iris camera. Then by a Sophisticated Computer Software the iris scan is Analyzed for any defect or abnormal conditions.

All above four test results are Collectively studied to reach a final conclusion.That is why we are sure enough to provide a complete Cure with care to our patients.




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CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) is the absolute choice

Yes, No one would deny the benefits that offer total solution for all curable acute and chronic diseases.

Yes CAM is economical with total benefits and no penalties.

Yes CAM is the choice for every young and elder, male and female, infant and baby.

Yes Go for wise choice and let us do the rest to make you healthy and perfect (Insha Allah.)

Yes, We Cure With Care

Say Yes to let us cure you with care.

It doesn't matter how many times you win an award,
it is always very special.

Our Quadcore Diagnostic System consists of

* Meridian Energy Analysis
* Magnetic Field Testing
* Iris Diagnosis (Iridology)
* Computerized Repertory Analysis

Over 500 parameters are checked by our Quantum Analyzer coupled with Meridian Analysis gives confirmatory results of the root cause of the disease. Pathology alone is only the manifestation of disease in the weaker areas of tissues and organs but it is not the true picture of the disease. Visit Our YouTube channel for videos about meridian Analysis and Quantum Analysis.

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Alternative & CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is the holistic approach to Healthcare Solutions for all Acute & Chronic Diseases. Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi is the pioneer physician in Pakistan to introduce the Alternative and CAM therapies. He has the honour to be the First Acupuncture Teacher in Pakistan.


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