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A wart is a circumscribed, hard, papullar appearance on the skin, present at birth or which develops at any time upto adolescence. It is brown in colour, and covered by a luxuriant hair growth. Callosities, especially on the hands and feet. As such, corns are callosities, in consequence of the pressure of tight shoes. A corn is a localised reactive hyperplasia, the result of intermittent pressure and friction.

Warts (Veruccae) are of several forms:
1. Veruccae Plana Juvenilisare a common multiple flat tiny warts often seen on the children's hands and knees.
2. Veruccae Plantaris is flat wart on the sole of the foot, which is highly contagious.
3. Veruccae Seborrhoeic is a brown greasy wart seen in seborrhoeic subjects, commonly on chest or back.
4. Veruccae Vulgaris is a common wart of the hands, of brown colour and rough pitted surface.
Remember if untreated constitutionally warts of young age are tumors of old age.
Homeopathic remedies are famous enough to treat warts and warty growths.

Homeopathic Remedies for Warts

1 acet-ac, 1 alum, 1 ambr, 1 am-c, 1 anac, 1 anac-oc, 1 anag, 1 anan, 2 ant-c, 1 ant-t, 1 arg-n, 2 ars, 1 ars-br, 2 aur, 1 aur-m, 1 aur-m-n, 3 BAR-C, 3 BELL, 2 benz-ac, 2 bov, 1 bufo, 3 CALC, 3 CALC-S, 1 carb-an, 1 carb-v, 1 cast, 1 cast-eq, 3 CAUST, 1 chel, 1 cinnb, 1 cupr, 3 DULC, 1 euphr, 1 ferr, 1 ferr-p, 2 ferr-pic, 2 fl-ac, 1 graph, 2 hep, 1 kali-ar, 1 kali-c, 2 kali-chl, 1 kali-m, 2 lac-c, 2 lach, 1 lyc, 2 mag-s, 2 med, 3 MERC-C, 1 merc-i-f, 1 mill, 2 nat-c, 1 nat-m, 1 nat-p, 3 NAT-S, 3 NIT-AC, 2 ox-ac, 1 petr, 2 ph-ac, 1 phos, 1 phyt, 1 pic-ac, 2 psor, 1 ran-b, 2 rhus-t, 1 ruta, 1 sabin, 1 sars, 1 semp, 2 sep, 2 sil, 1 spig, 1 staph, 3 SULPH, 1 sul-ac, 1 syph, 3 THUJ, 1 verat, 1 x-ray

Acupuncture Points

  • SI 7

Magnet Therapy

South Pole

Colour Therapy

Green and white water in equal proportion




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Our Quadcore Diagnostic System consists of

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* Computerized Repertory Analysis

Over 500 parameters are checked by our Quantum Analyzer coupled with Meridian Analysis gives confirmatory results of the root cause of the disease. Pathology alone is only the manifestation of disease in the weaker areas of tissues and organs but it is not the true picture of the disease. Visit Our YouTube channel for videos about meridian Analysis and Quantum Analysis.

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Alternative & CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is the holistic approach to Healthcare Solutions for all Acute & Chronic Diseases. Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi is the pioneer physician in Pakistan to introduce the Alternative and CAM therapies. He has the honour to be the First Acupuncture Teacher in Pakistan.


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